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Growth Starts Here


About Me

I believe that therapy is a very personal experience and requires a nonjudgmental, genuine, and compassionate relationship between client and therapist. Often, people come into therapy to discuss some of their most vulnerable feelings and experiences. This takes a lot of courage and self-reflection. I strive to create a space that is safe, comfortable, and inviting for individuals, families, and couples to share these challenges with me. My hope is to help guide my clients to recognize positive things in their lives as well as explore different ways of thinking, feeling, and reacting to challenges that occur. I believe exploration can lead to growth and positive change which ultimately can increase positive views of themselves and the world around them.


Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Child/Adolescent Therapy, ADHD, Women's Issues, Relationships, and Other Areas of Concern


Anxiety and Depression symptoms can significantly impact a person's functioning. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to identify, challenge and work through problematic thoughts, behaviors, and emotional reactions. I also incorporate relaxation and mindfulness techniques. I address concerns with Anxiety and Depression for a wide range of ages.

Women's Issues

I work with women to help them navigate struggles that can occur in life including; perinatal mood concerns, career/motherhood, relationship issues, self-worth, parenting, and balancing personal identity with motherhood. 


Childhood and Adolescence is filled with many joys, transitions, and difficulties. These difficulties can include; depression, anxiety, school struggles, divorce, and peer conflict. I utilize play, art, mindfulness, and talk in my counseling sessions to engage children and teens to discuss their concerns/issues in a safe and relaxed environment. 


At times relationships with romantic partners, families, friends, etc. can be challenging. I help my clients to process and learn from current or past relationships in hopes to create and maintain more positive relationships as well as healthy ways to deal with conflict when it occurs. 


Children and adults who struggle with ADHD symptoms often struggle to maintain in school or the workplace. I can help teach and encourage techniques to incorporate in everyday life to decrease the impact that these symptoms have on achievement and home life. 

Other Areas

Throughout life many stressors or obstacles can occur. I provide a place for clients to discuss these events and how to work through them. 

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